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Carefree girlfriends holding hands and walking together in the city

Free Grace women talking about God’s free grace.

Established and growing since 2019. We are a group of women interested in sharing our faith and encouraging each other with a free grace perspective.

Latest Posts

Face to Face and Heart to Heart

Written by Amy Easley Paige Today we communicate more than ever before. You can talk to someone while you’re traveling, or text them using only your voice to send it off. We have at our fingertips Facetime, Hangouts, Zoom meetings, and whatever other applications are out there to see and talk to someone for work…

Hall of Faith: Moses

Written By Kelley Easley Imitation Inspiration: If the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that the trappings of this life are transitory, and that lasting treasure can only be laid hold of in eternity. It’s easy to lose sight of that though, as we slug it out in the drudgery of our daily…

A Heart Like Mary’s

Written by Judy Kenagy Nativity scenes pop up on lawns and fireplace mantels as Christmas approaches. The lights are primarily focused on the baby Jesus laying on straw in the rough-hewn manger, as it should be. But let us reflect on the figure of Mary, the young virgin—Jesus’ earthly mother. We will explore two bookend…

Hall of Faith: Abraham and Sarah

Written by Sheilah Adkins Introduction: Hebrews 11 is considered the Hall of Faith chapter. This chapter gives examples of faithful men and women to show us that we also can have great faith. One question comes to mind; why were these men and women chosen to be examples of faith for the Hebrew believers in…


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