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Let Us Acknowledge Him at Easter

By Sally Lockett 

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5 (NKJV) 

Is there a better time than Easter to share about the hope and peace that you have found in Jesus? This does not come naturally for most people, myself included, and it’s based in fear of offending, or concern for our self-image. But He is the absolute best thing that we have to offer the people around us! Let’s not miss this chance! Think back about who helped you understand the gospel, and about anyone who is grateful that you shared with them. Let’s keep it going, for those who haven’t heard. It takes intentionality and a bit of boldness! It takes a willingness to be misunderstood. And it takes courage to confess boldly that yes, we do know Him, and that we are beyond grateful to be able to say and share that, despite the ramifications. Let us rise up and love others this Easter by sharing about His work on the cross, His message of grace, His free gift of eternal life to all who believe in Him alone for it! 

The way that Strong’s concordance defines the original Greek word for acknowledge (yah-dah) adds even more to this challenge: to know, recognize or be familiar with. And the Oxford Dictionary defines acknowledge as: to admit the existence or truth of, to recognize the importance or quality of, to express or display gratitude for or appreciation of. These definitions conjure up in my mind when a prominent guest is introduced before an audience. Normally someone familiar with that person gets the honor of introducing and recognizing them before others, by speaking up about the importance of and their gratitude for the other person. We have been asked to do exactly this! To stand before those around us, and boldly speak up and introduce Jesus, as someone that we are familiar with. It is an honor! Let us not allow personal insecurity, stage fright and the jitters to weaken our introduction! He is so worthy! 

Last week, as my 6-year-old sat in “big church” with me, he asked if he could get baptized again. He was yearning in his heart to follow God, to do something to express his faith, again! I realized in that moment, not only that I needed to clear up his understanding of baptism, but also that it’s really time to take my boys a little further down the road of discipleship. So this week I drew the John 3:16 diagram for them, again, and really focused on what believers are called to do: love God, love others, share the gospel, etc. I’m hesitant to share our plan for how to do that in the next two weeks, but I think that our plan to “acknowledge Him” this Easter, might inspire others to join us, so I will! 

We are making some small baggies with kid and adult gospel booklets to give out to neighbors, friends, coaches, etc. My boys will spend time coloring Easter bookmarks, praying for those we’ll give them to, and our friends will hear about what we believe! Here is what the baggies look like, and here are the links. Want to join us? 

Jesus Booklet for Adults 

John 3:16 Booklet for Kids

Easter Booklet for Kids


Bag Tags


Maybe an invitation card to your church’s Easter service? 

And some candy! 

Also, have you ever made resurrections rolls? That is our other favorite family oriented Easter activity! So simple, so meaningful, and so good! 

Happy Easter, From The Locketts! 


One response to “Let Us Acknowledge Him at Easter”

  1. GREAT POST!!! HE’S RISEN~!!! JOHN 11:25-27 & JOHN 3:16.


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